Sandra Ivleva

Professional Photographer and Event Manager.

My name is Oleksandra Ivleva and I am a professional Ukrainian event manager. I had an experience over 8 years in the event industry.

My career has started right after my graduation from the University. I worked in a family business – “Master Party” Event Agency. The agency was invented by Iryna Ivleva in 2006. Mostly the “Master Party” aimed at weddings. We had made a variety of weddings. Fortunately, we had created a strong partnership with the Ukrainian Hotel chain the Premier Palace Hotel, wedding stores, and many different vendors with whom we still work.

Since 2015 the agency has started focusing on conferences and corporate events. The new door of creativity has been opened with Roman Bakhaiev. As a result, we managed many corporate events and conferences for International IT companies, such as DataArt, Sigma Software, Team International, GlobalLogic, Ronis. 

Eventually, I moved to Canada. I decided to improve my event skills. I was a student at Algonquin College in Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operation Management. I had practiced myself in a different field, such as food preparation, beverage preparation, hotel management, and restaurant management. I took advantage of those skills, I am reaching a new level in my career.

The new reality of 2020 has shown us that we are capable of finding our hidden talents. This what exactly happened to me in 2020. I opened up another talent of mine – photography. I started learning how to use a camera as a professional photographer. It turned out that taking pictures became not only my hobby but business.

“The only way to do great work is to LOVE what you do”.  Steve Jobs

Work approach

Listen to the client’s preferences

Work with trust

Detailed presentation of projects                   Budget guidance

Create marketing plan for the event

Arrange catering, venue, vendors

Arrange entertainment

Organize technical supplies

Team work

Managing preparation process

Provide coordinators and managers at the event

Need more details?

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